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Smart Contract & Minting Site Packages

Wallet integration
Content upload
Include source code
Number of pages
Delivery Time
Basic $999
SMART CONTRACTSimple smart contract with single minting function
2 days
Standard $2999
LANDING PAGE + PUBLIC MINTINGLanding page + Simple smart contract (Public Sale) + Minting dapp + Wallet integration
10 day
Premium $3999
PREMIUM NFT WEBSITELanding page + Smart contract(Pre-Sale, Public Sale, Reveal) + Mintand Wallet integration
14 day

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Frequently Asked Question

When issuing an NFT, the issuer pays the smart contract and gas fee. Gas fees are paid to miners, but cryptocurrencies are paid to contracts, not owners. Contract owners can make withdrawals at any time.

Lazy minting is when NFTs are available off-chain and are only created once a sale has occurred. Artists do not have to pay upfront gas fees to create NFTs; they only pay when tokens are purchased.

We provide the best project management tools to keep you on top of your projects in real-time. We also provide timely updates and demos after each development stage is completed.

The cost of NFT is based on its gas fee, type of art, and platform.

First, you need to select an item and get a blockchain. Then select and configure your digital wallet and your NFT Marketplace. Upload files, set up your sales process, and start making money!

Determine the value of what people receive so they can start trading first, as you will not be able to start trading your tokens until you add liquidity to exchanges like Sushi Swap.

Absolutely. You will not be required to provide sensitive data such as passwords or private wallet keys.

You can connect with our support team, email, or call us for unparalleled service.

The hard part about investing in NFTs is choosing the right kind of product with potential. Once you have chosen your product, you can easily purchase it after obtaining the required amount of cryptocurrency.

ERC20 tokens are rather significant as they are the standard used to create and issue smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts can then be used to make smart properties or tokenized assets that individuals can invest

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