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Earn-To-Play Platforms in 2023: The New Era of Decentralized Fun

9 mn read What Are Earn-To-Play Platforms? Earn-to-play platforms are blockchain-based platforms that allow gamers to earn cryptocurrency tokens by playing games. These platforms use blockchain technology to track and verify in-game achievements and reward players with cryptocurrency tokens for their participation. On earn-to-play platforms, gamers can earn cryptocurrency tokens by completing in-game tasks, such as solving puzzles, […]

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Web3.0 and Metaverse: Exploring the Amazing Game-Changing Potential

10 mn read You have probably heard the terms “Web3.0” and “Metaverse” thrown around, but they are the same. The internet is constantly evolving. Today’s version is so different from the slow, text-dominated version that everyone thought was the bomb in the 1990s, and tomorrow’s internet will be a beast of its own. If you have followed any […]

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